DopeWars OS X

DopeWars OS X 5.4

12/3/2008: New! DopeWars 5.4 is here. This update brings the Mac classic into the 21st century with Intel compatability and numerous design tweaks. The new DopeWars is slick, streamlined, and as addictive as ever!

DopeWars is a highly addictive and morally challenged drug dealing game in which your goal is to buy low and sell high, making as much money as possible in the allotted time. The only things that stand in your way are loan sharks, the local police squad, addicts, muggers, trade embargos, and well, everything else.

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Please note: This is NOT DopeWars for Windows. You cannot register the Windows version of DopeWars here.

If you really enjoy DopeWars, I'd appreciate if you would register the program. It's only $6.95 USD and in exchange, you will receive a registration code that will unlock the full-featured version of the game. This code will be good for all future versions of DopeWars.

Here's what people are saying about DopeWars...

"Brilliant game, worth the registration fee. It's addictive, fun, and challenging."

"Great game & unlike my PC buddies version, it's got some graphics."

"Get addicted to this game!! (All the people I know love it too...)"

Complete Version History

For those interested in the evolution of DopeWars, a complete version history has been posted here.